Spring Field

30 12 2007

Last entry before I head off tomorrow afternoon.

Pink Wind

A pretty screenshot wallpaper of two friends and I~ (Clickies to download~)

I hope we all play together again. Too bad several other friends couldn’t make it during this flower field daydream~ Perhaps next time!

It was a very interesting day today. After running across Pink Wind, playing tag, and laughing about Luke’s love triangles, my friends and I roamed altogether in Deep Inferno to hunt dragons and climb volcanoes. I still believe those dragons have at least 9999 HP.



29 12 2007

I had been looking around my old folders just now… All thanks to a friend and her mentioning of my drawings from years ago that she said she was looking at now, so I urged to look at them myself. Though I felt so embarrassed when she said that, I find my old creations something unbelievable to me now for several reasons. I want to thank her though, for praising it still, and saying that she likes them either way. But to those recalls, I laughed at the encounters of my old speech as well. I used to sound so “Asian” and plain childish back then, in terms of spelling, grammar, and young immaturity (Yes, admittedly). Over the years I realized just how my English improved, which is quite an interesting fact to me, especially now that I recall actually making people think that English was my first language.

Setting those thoughts aside, I mainly collected those junk art and put them away together with my old, original stories that I wrote. But, in a more recent set of materials. I still have my ancient shit of the oldest forms of stories and of course the very early drawings. The stories amuse me more than they should, even though reading them now makes me laugh instead of flowing together with the certain story. I am proud of several of them, because of the main result caught me in my own mind stream and felt as if I was reading a novel I had never read before. I suppose that’s really quite another interesting fact.

Tactics Experience

28 12 2007

Give A Link Back Protection

The following is a repost from a former version of my video game blog. This is old shit but it’s still worth the read and keep. I still laugh at this little experience.


This game never fails to amuse me until today. After all those long years that I passed without playing it, thinking I can never play it ever again since my PSX broke a long time ago, how can I ever pass up this one? One of my childhood favorite games: Alive once more!

I have been playing until either one of my older brothers snatch the PSP off me or I drain all the battery’s energy. How I miss that “zombifying” part as well. *ahem* … Now, we move on to a more detailed Final Fantasy Tactics: Shishi Sensou (The War of the Lions) story time ramble.

At most, this entry will contain personal experiences and retarded, imaginative failed fiction thought up of by my blasted psyche as I was playing the game. Don’t worry, everything is spoiler-free. Just in case.
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Don’t mind this.

27 12 2007

Legion: Secret question: Name of first pet?
Secret answer: Deli-
Legion: *RUN*
Deline: LOL


Christmas Gift

26 12 2007

 Kaz and Kooh

One of my most precious Christmas gifts this year is something I had never really expected. I dedicate this entry to appreciate this wonderful little thing anyone can do for a freestyle gamer like me. Breaking it out, the gift was cash items in Albatross18 (US version of popular anime golf MMOG, PangYa). And of course, I have my beautiful and cute Niaro-lovey to thank for this gift she gave me this season. Niaro, I’ll never forget this. I hope to repay you someday… ♥ Thank you and Merry Christmas, lovey! ♥

Grave Has Risen

26 12 2007

Blog revived due to personal reasons. I’m also partially migrating to WordPress of other issues encountered.

Setting that aside… Game life, my dancer Terrence from Audition: Online Dance Battle is laughing at a certain someone for what he has.

Tei Ramen

Instant noodle bowl. Instant win. Manjuu, I can’t wait to show you this one.

In Final Fantasy Tactics: Shishi Sensou (The War of the Lions), I’ve been having a lot of thoughts lately. The exhilarating storyline is still one of my personal favorites over most game titles. I have honestly never encountered such a brilliant story like this series ever gave. Because of all these pensive acts, they’ve been stacked to my sole inspiration. I’ve mentioned in chronograph, that I will be creating doujin works about the said game. Perhaps it might take a while, but my thoughts still roam me. I will.