PangYa Facts and Theories (Season 1-3)

11 01 2008

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This is based off Season 3. I will no longer update this entry for Season 4 and above.


Because many people keep asking me, I decided to write it here conveniently that can be accessed anytime: PangYa facts and theories and facts that I know of. Questions will be answered here and whenever I realize that I missed out on a detail or so, I will update the entry. Corrections are welcome, because my Korean is not perfect therefore I may have misread or read a source wrong from the Korean sites I encountered.

Do be reminded they are character theories and not a general information entry. The common and known information is not going to be posted. This is a theories entry. If you need more in-depth information, go read a PangYa fan site instead. Thank you and enjoy.

First of all, the word, “PangYa!” means “Bang!” in Korean. It is an onomatopoeia. It is written as 팡야 in Hangul.

If you must ask why I only compiled information about the alternate names/renamed names in SEA, USA, and Japan is that because I never played in the other servers . However, do be reminded that these servers are the most popular servers. If you do happen to know the other miscellaneous names for them in servers such as China, Philippines, Thailand, etc., then I would be glad to add them. (Because I’d like to know, too.)

Character list:

  • LEGEND: Name (Hangul) Age ~ (PangYa SEA (Malaysia/Singapore), Albatross18(USA), Sukatto Golf PangYa (Japan) Alternate Names) ~ First Appearance
  • Nuri (누리) 15 ~ (SEA: Leorio, A18: Scout, JP: Ken) ~ Season 1
  • Hana (하나) 14 ~ (SEA: Fiama, A18: Hana, JP: Erika) ~ Season 1
  • Azer (아저) 41 ~ (SEA: Hendry, A18: Uncle Bob, JP: Daisuke) ~ Season 1
  • Max (막스) 23 ~ (Not renamed in any of the servers.) ~ Season 1
  • Kooh (쿠) 11 ~ (Not renamed in any of the servers.) ~ Season 2
  • Sesilia (세실리아) 27 ~ (SEA: Angelina, A18: Cecilia, JP: Cecilia) ~ Season 1
  • Arin (아린) 20 ~ (Not renamed in any of the servers.) ~ Season 2
  • Kaz (카즈) 18 ~ (SEA: (n/a, not out yet), A18: Kaz, JP: Kaz/Kazu) ~ Season 3

1) Any hidden characters?

As far as I know, no. Or perhaps not yet.

2) Who are the hidden caddies?

How would I know? Ha ha, no, okay. First of all, the most known hidden caddie is Black Papel. He can only be obtained via the Black Papel shop. Another alternate form of infamous Papel is the Ramen Papel. Basically, he’s an instant noodle cup with a cat face. The only way to get him is– from what I’ve heard, an event in Korea. You have to sign in selected internet cafes in order to receive him. I am not too sure, though.

I have remembered also an alternate version of Tiki— which is Minty. Basically, she looks exactly like Tiki. There are slight differences, such as her pure white hair as default hair color. I have no idea how to get her, but I believe she is only available in the Japanese server.

In a future patch, the BIG version of Papel (It is seriously huge.) will come out– to be available in scratch card/eCard. Pipin‘s “future version,” or the mature Pipin, is also out in the Korean version.

3) How the hell do the rare item sets work in Black Papel shop or Scratch Card/eCard?

You win them by luck. They’re not something that grows on trees, unless you’re one of those people with unbelievably good luck. Not only that, what makes it even more shitty is that you have to murder out your Pangs or Cash money (Cookie/A-Cash/Astros) before they replace the current rare item sets with a new one in the next patches. After that, there is NO WAY to get the rares anymore, except if you actually find a player in PSquare selling what you want in a fair price. However, you can cry further due to item vending restrictions, therefore not all items can be sold by vending.

No, there are no items, not even Cash items, that can help you get more rares. It is not also true that higher level or lower level characters would be able to get more rares. It all depends on your hard luck, so rid of those ridiculous thoughts.

4) I’ve heard of new things for Azer and Max?

Yes. In the Korean server, Azer has guns and Max has biker keys. I confirmed and personally even saw that they will have new animations if you have his gun equipped. They give extra Pang for every PangYa and added stats, which I’ve yet to find out.

  • Azer’s entrance/Albatross/HIO: Click. (Credits to Sweatdrop for video.)
  • Max’s entrance/Albatross/HIO: Click. (Credits to panjit99 for video.)

5) What the hell, did someone just hack the game? I see a different PangYa logo and/or sound whenever he/she hits a PangYa!

There is no hack. This is a true feature only obtained if you equip certain items. Being:

~ The Afro PangYa?! If you have the Afro hair equipped, there will be new PangYa sounds. There are about 4 or so different kinds of these sounds. This feature is not out yet for several servers. Very groovy.

~ The Club PangYa?! If you have rare clubs equipped, such as the Magic Sceptre or the Umbrella set, there will be a different PangYa logo and there is also feature of whatever crap that will appear. (Magic Sceptre has glitters while Umbrella set has rainbows when you swing.)

6) What’s the “real” connection of Nuri and Hana?

Nuri and Hana are both summoned to the world of PangYa due to their potential and/or passion about the game. Nuri was summoned by Pipin while Hana was chosen by Quma. In these facts, Pipin was meant to be Nuri’s caddie, while Hana with Quma. Koreans consider Quma x Hana a favorable pairing, aside from Max x Arin. Hana, as portrayed by them, is a clumsy girl who often fails in certain situations. But Quma is always there for her and scolds her as he lectures her. But that just proves that Quma cares for Hana a whole lot.

It was mentioned that Nuri and Hana that they are “descendants of the past PangYa hero,” which therefore concludes that they are related by blood. I’ve yet to find out if they are siblings, cousins, or the like.

7) Who the f- is Kaz?

Kaz, 18 years of age, is a demon prince. He is the direct descendant of the Demon King who leader of the pirates, Kooh’s father, has battled. It was said that Kooh’s father betrayed everyone, but Kooh refuses to believe this and goes to lead her dad’s pirate group in place of him to search for the truth. Kaz, in my theory, is not really a bad person after a certain incident has happened. His girlfriend, Karen(?), sacrificed herself in place of him from being sealed. After this incident, he developed amnesia and it seemingly is that he doesn’t actually will to fight, but has to. His eyes reflect sadness about all the chaos in PangYa realm and not a sign of hatred is seen.

8 ) Is Kaz gay?

I wonder?

9) But you like shounen-ai.

Indeed. My favorite pairing is Kaz x Nuri.

10) Is there a connection between Silvia Cannon and Ice Cannon?

The Silvia Battleships are known to be seen in both Silvia Cannon and Ice Cannon. They are but the same force which is actually run head by Lady Sesilia herself. The official militia name of it is the “Silvia Special Armored Force” (SSAF). In a future patch, the actual uniform of the SSAF will be available as rares in the scratch card/eCard feature.

11) What are other future implementations?

The Tournament Mode is enhanced. One can start a tournament even if there is not enough players yet. But if you lack players, there will be no Trophy feature. Players can enter anytime provided there is enough slots plus no more than 10 minutes has passed from the start of the tournament. Player will see how much time it has left and game will ask you if you want to continue with entering or not. If you quit or disconnect during tournament, you cannot reenter it and will have to wait until it is over.

Rookie Server is enhanced. To prevent or lessen the number of people who creates new accounts just to do better records or such, now you can’t do new records within the Rookie Server. There is also now a limit of 5000 Pang earned per round, if you get higher than that, all the rest of the Pang will be deducted until you only earn 5000 Pang. Sorry, guys.

Papin’s tutorial shall also be upgraded. After you have completed it, you will receive a “Rookie Only” club set. It has a larger PangYa blue range plus it has fairly good stats. Good idea to encourage players to learn their PangYa shot practice and special shots. But it is more trapped to use because of its ultra pathetic, low power and when you would reach Beginner, you can no longer use it.

A new course called Ice Spa. It is quite similar to Ice Cannon and North Wiz mixed together in some way. There are ducks in the course! Super cute.

  • Official Ice Spa trailer: Click. (Credits to masterw for video.)

A new item that is known as Teleport Scroll. Now, you can quit a tournament game without having to worry about Pang penalty or such. You will need to purchase this from the store for thankfully pang if you are Beginner rank or above. You do not need to equip them. If you quit in a tournament game, it will automatically eat a scroll if you have one in your inventory. All your Pangs will be received and HIOs/Albatrosses will be recorded, but you will not get experience. This item has a time limit in your inventory.

There are other new items such as Super Power Potion or the Safety, and several others I didn’t get to catch yet. But the Super Power Potion is just like a Power Potion, but adds +15 yards and your character will have the Super Power Shot pose. Do take note that the Power Milk is still most powerful, as it adds +20 yards because you are able to do the actual Super Power shot with it with double power bars. The Safety is every “slope hater’s” dream. Whether you are in a bunker or a horrible slope position, this item automatically flattens your setting to give you 100% slope.

12) What else do you know about future available rares?

Black Papel shop:

  • Angel Wing Headband
  • Princess Crown and Queen Crown
  • Feather Head Accessory

Scratch Card/eCard:

  • Anime Weapons Clubs (Mallets, Fans, etc., you name it!)
  • Wedding Dress
  • Golden Maces Clubs
  • Magic Girl Wand Clubs
  • Animal Mascot (Sheep for Hana, Penguin for Kooh, and Lamb for Arin)
  • Sleeping Pajamas
  • SSAF Uniform
  • Black Cat Ring
  • Big Papel Caddies (Big Papel, Big Red Papel, and Big Black Papel)
  • Elven Ears
  • Mystic Ring

13) What were the past rares?

Black Papel shop:

  • Devil Circlet, Angel Circlet, and Black Papel
  • Geek Spectacles and Cheek Blush
  • Alternate Hair Styles
  • Masquerade Mask
  • Gas Mask

Scratch Card/eCard:

  • Magic Sceptre Clubs
  • Umbrella Clubs
  • Crimson Ring

–) I’m out of questions.

Good. Now get out of my sight.




12 responses

11 01 2008

Oh my GOSH, dear. This is actually quite helpful. You done really good on writing this.

The last question is a bit harsh though. ;o;

Anyways, What’s the difference between Tomahawk and Power Tomahawk? XD;

11 01 2008

Thank you, I’m glad you find it useful. There are still a lot of major details I skipped, but I’ll add them if someone decides to ask or if I could remember what to add.

I’m sorry, that’s a joke! XD *hugs* Of course you’re welcome to ask anytime.

A Tomahawk shot is simply a normal Power Shot.
A Power Tomahawk shot is performed with the use of Double Power Shot / Super Power Shot.

11 01 2008

It never struck my mind that Max and Arin had something between them, not until I read it from their Albatross18 profiles. I don’t know about that. There’s just something… wrong. I can’t pinpoint it, though.

This article reminded me of the numerous interviews I’ve done, particularly the one I did yesterday. I usually pause long before asking another question because I’m out of questions. *sweatdrops*

Ramen Paps and Afro Pangya made me laugh. And Kaz is somewhere between being a bishounen and being a gay. Even so, I still like him, his tragic story and all.

11 01 2008

Aww. You’re so good. Oh, btw. The characters for Pangya in China:

Nuri: 小杰 (Xiaojie)
Hana: 娜娜 (Nana)
Kooh: 酷儿 (Cool)
Arin: 艾琳 (Aili)
Azer: 安东 (Andung)
Sesilia: 安莉 (Lily)
Max: 小马哥 (Xiaomage)

11 01 2008

Max x Arin is actually a very sweet couple. Some people might think it is weird because of lack of background. If I am not wrong, Arin saw Max in one of his tennis tournaments or something that had to do with his display of skill. The curious princess instantly had a crush on the impactive guy that Max was, likely also delighted with his unbelievable humorous traits. Max actually wanted to become a pilot, tennis was just something to entertain him. Upon knowing Sesilia is in the PangYa involvement, Max goes after her for a chance to fulfill his dreams. Arin, finding that Max entered it, had decided to go after him as well. It’s kind of cute. This pairing was slowly recognized, especially after seeing official art of them actually holding hands together or such. In short, princess fell for a skilled guy she felt that she call her knight. Even if Max was crazy in his own way, she didn’t seem to mind.

Haha. Well, Noir, I always did love your articles. ^^

Yes, it is hilarious. There are about 4 different kinds of Afro PangYa sounds that would appear if you have the Afro equipped on your character. XD
All right, I’m not actually a big Kaz fan, but yes, I find PangYa’s strange storyline to be quite interesting. It’s fun for me to put altogether these theories, I like challenges after all.

And Niaro, thanks for sharing, haha. China server is one of those I’d never actually touch.

I have updated the entry, just so to mark over.

– edited question 2
– edited question 6
– confirmed new animations for Max when equip the Biker Key
– added questions 10-13
– minor other corrections

13 01 2008

Maybe that’s why it’s quite wrong for me; it’s because of their strange chemistry, hahaha. I’ve read about their story before, but I’ve never seen an official art of them holding hands ever. I’m also curious about the other new features, particularly the various versions of Paps. It would really be great if you could post pictures to come with your article so everyone could visualize them.

And my articles are blunt and boring. Ah well, that’s news writing for you. *laughs*

Max’s name is Little Horse Brother in Chinese! *jawdrops* ….. Okay, I’m being too literal.

13 01 2008

Sometimes the best pairings don’t have to be of the same connection. There are many love pairings that don’t have to share something in common, and they still end up successful and very adorable. For me, Max seems to be the very blushy type of guy and would likely run away if Arin would smile at him. It may be a “wtf Max, get some courage!” type of thing, but that’s just part of the fun and development. One day I’m sure he’d be able to pull off a perfect reaction for his princess and by the official art, it already happened. Yes, they already have official model art holding hands together, a very recent example is the Christmas promotional picture of the Santa outfits. They -are- together and holding hands as they face each other closely.

Yes, I was planning to roam around Korean sites to go image hopping for the items and such, so don’t worry about that~ I’ll edit it later when I’m free to do so.

No, they’re not! I find them very interesting, and you’re a very great writer so I enjoy every sentence. ❤ You should continue on writing~


– finally confirmed who the “blonde girl with pigtails” was, question 2
– added an item about Minty that I remembered just now, question 2
– added Azer’s new animation video with Gun, question 4
– added Max’s new animation video with Biker Key, question 4
– added Ice Spa official trailer, question 11
– updated new items information, question 11

This is based off Season 3. I will no longer update this entry for Season 4 and above.

16 04 2008

got some serious questions here if i may ask.

can i ask what are the char animation list that work on season 3. not all of them works on alba 18. if i may can u list all of it thx in advance..

18 04 2008

Hello, Carnelian!
Sorry for the late reply! Well, I believe A18 supports the following:

Game room animations (Required: 3 mouse buttons (including middle one) or else you can’t do this):
1) Hover and put your mouse on your character
2) Press the left mouse button, the middle mouse button, and the right mouse button ALL at the SAME time
3) Do it again for another animation
( As of now, only KAZ do NOT have game room animation! )

Face animations (Works even in game rooms):

PSquare (Same as above, type in chat box):
( KAZ and ARIN do NOT have their own /orz and /nice animations yet )

This is all I remember at the moment, but you can try researching yourself to see if you can find more!
This is what I searched and found:

20 08 2008

umm, i have a question…
how to create black feather headband?

20 09 2011

Kaz/Nuri! There needs more love for em’! 😀

8 12 2011
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