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11 02 2008

Give A Link Back Protection

The following is a repost from a former version of my blog, since it is now currently down, this is done to revive this short essay. An early impression I had about a character from visual-novel, CLANNAD.

And further in the entry is a Tomoya fandom discussion that I formed that my previous essay did not render too far.

If you want to use my article or quote a part of it, please read this.


Tomoya PortraitTomoya Okazaki, one of your average “nice guy” protagonists. But unlike the cheesy, shy type who flushes to no end with a sight of a cute person or the cool but arrogant bishounen who has a bad past, Tomoya falls under one of the categories of the true type of “uniqueness.” He is a guy that wouldn’t love you for everything, but he is the kind of person who wouldn’t let you down no matter what. Tomoya is considered a lazy bum or delinquent at school and some students do not like him for his trait to skip classes or always arriving late for them. But in truth, Tomoya has a heart of gold, and deep down, a lonely person. It is always admirable to have to see main characters, with a bad past, but the kinds to never let events or sudden conflicts get to them when facing other people. Instead of having to share his emotions or even show it, he walks with a calm demeanor and even extends an open, warm palm for those who needs help.

In the early episodes, Tomoya’s blank and empty life is shown, and how it slowly chances after meeting several people. He always seemed flat and blunt– never smiling so much towards himself but more for others who he would want to cheer up. His relationship with his new friends developed greatly as he continued to aid them in his own small but heart-warming ways. His friends, particularly Nagisa, were always inspired by this person. Regardless of all the smiles he brought, unlike other main characters in different series (of which the guy is surrounded with “oversized” you-know-what and everyone loves him), he is not “the town’s crush.” (With exception of several characters, basing from the early episodes alone.) *SPOILER, HIGHLIGHT TO READ* As the episodes move on, this changes over time, though it was a very reasonable result– After Tomoya has constantly helped the girls and his overall likable personality always shining with his warmth, has caught all of the girls’ hearts firmly, which is a natural reaction from humans. Even so, Tomoya’s own feelings remain for one person– The very same person who triggered the start of everything, Nagisa. *END SPOILER*

Tomoya officially makes it in my favorite characters list. What I am only disappointed about is the lack of Tomoya appreciation (few fan arts) and the very few number of large quality scans of him.

End of repost.

Continuing, Tomoya appreciation still continues to be low as indeed, the girls have more attention. Whether we admit it or not, they are the “spotlight” in the entire series for the eyes of the fans, especially to the fact that Tomoya was barely shown in the actual visual-novels. He never even had proper cover art.

People tend to forget that there’s a certain someone that helped them shine and move forward in life. Forget the roots, appreciate the fruits? Of course I admire fans who are able to connect the meaningful relationships, but still it’s disappointing to think a rather large number doesn’t even acknowledge it anymore. A massive portion of fans just go, “(girl’s name here)-KAWAII DESU!!11” Don’t get the wrong idea, I don’t have anything against it, it’s completely fine. I’m a huge fans of the girls as well. But what I’m pointing out is that Tomoya has quite a cold side of the fandom. Whenever stuff about Tomoya is posted, they look for a while, but they never really go too far.

I’ve been scrolling the image threads in random forums and also pages in large CLANNAD galleries, page 1 until the end, and there’s only about 1 or 2, sometimes none, Tomoya pictures in a single page in average.

In a related matter, personally, I don’t believe Tomoya is the kind of person who would even bother opening up unless there’s something special enough to make him talk or even –think about– his own past. Of course it bothers him at eventual times as portrayed, but as far as Tomoya’s personality is concerned, he wouldn’t talk about it so openly: to himself or to others. An instance, *SPOILER, HIGHLIGHT TO READ* Nagisa even got to know that Tomoya doesn’t have the best relationship, or at least a hint of it, with his dad is when Tomoya admitted what he said about a bit of his background during the time at the rainy day in the school court. *END SPOILER* Therefore, knowing as Tomoya -is- important to the girls, it is the same way the girls are important to Tomoya. This is just one of the characteristics of CLANNAD had I liked, character development is just top-notch. This is a reason why I wouldn’t want the idea to have a “this one is the spotlight” kind of thoughts over favored characters because all of them are important all the same.

So where are you, Tomoya Okazaki fandom?




7 responses

11 02 2008

I think even Sunohara is more popular than him too… Hmm. =_=

Anyways, seriously? Just one or two pictures around? I’m shocked, seriously. I mean, Tomoya is really a nice guy at heart, regardless of what happened to him at the past. He’s always there to lend a helping hand to those who need help, and I preety much respect that. I like the girls too, top girls being Nagisa, Tomoyo and Kyou. But Tomoya is my ovarall favorite character. ^-^

So, yeah. Maybe we should spread the Tomoya love or something. It’s sad that not many people appreciate. ._.;

11 02 2008

Yeah, Youhei Sunohara IS more popular than Tomoya Okazaki. I’ve observed that Sunohara topics are far more active amongst fans. Actually, Sunohara discussions top some of the main girls themselves. Sunohara is just -that- cool. Oh, yeah, and even as a side character, Sunohara has MORE ART than Tomoya as well.

Tomoya Okazaki art is incredibly rare. I only managed to collect few high quality, high resolution scans. Did you know his game portrait is a mere silhouette of him? Plus, most of his game images are just side views or back views. Art of him increased by about 5% ever since the anime release, while everyone burst to the amount of over 90% to say.

Personally, my favorite girls are Kotomi, Yukine, and Nagisa. Following are Tomoyo, Ryou, and Fuko. The girl I least favor is Kyou, I just don’t like her personality most of the time. Sanae, however, makes me laugh a lot and I love her just as much as her daughter, Nagisa.

I do plan to spread the Tomoya Okazaki love. This is why I attempted to create the Tomoya circle in my previous blog. But due to my server issues, every one of my plans have been sadly delayed. Though, now I will try to attempt to do create a circle for Tomoya appreciation and hopefully inspire more people to love him.

11 02 2008

Sunohara is more popular Tomoya!? It’s sad how there’s isn’t enough art of him. Tomoya is so damn awesome.
I have to say that Nagisa, Ryou and Fuko are the girls I like the least … never really liked those kind of girls ==; Tomoyo are my favs, followed my Kyou. Although, I admit I’m more for the idea of TomoyaxSunohara >.>

Tomoya need more love! -huggleshim- Tomoya 4tw!!

Thanks for passing by my blog again, btw ^_^

20 12 2012

lols i like ur idea haha

11 02 2008

Agreed. Of course, compared to the early release of anime and today, there’s been a small increase of Tomoya fans. Small, but still, it did increase, eh.

Tomoya x Sunohara also tickled me nicely, I find them a rather cute couple and that time Okazaki said he doesn’t take interest in men is just to have Nagisa completely believe in his damn “Sunohara is gay” joke. His humoring face tells me so.
There’s actually been a large amount of canon hints and teases (should I call this, slash?) regarding Tomoya x Sunohara pairing. At least from what I saw in the anime version, it is, but I never played the game so I don’t have most of the ideas about game version. However, coming from a male-targeted visual-novel anime, the number of “two boys oh-so-close” hints is amazing.

Tomoya love forever, indeed. I actually love him more than most other anime characters.

And you’re very welcome, Saimai. ^^

2 11 2008

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22 02 2009

What? Sunohara?
Tomoya passed on the first spot in my heart. I was actually refusing to watch Clannad because I thought “Ahh, another harem with a stupid guy surrounded by chicks”. It was actually a scene with Tomoya that got me to watch. And I loved him since

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