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30 03 2008

It’s been a while since I last made a small GIF clip. I must be getting rusty. Took me longer just for this little bugger here. (And a free promotion for the game?– Yeah, you know you want to join us, you random dweller, you.)

2 sample dance clips of my dancer, Terrence, from Audition: Online Dance Battle. Just one part from my favorite, stupid Beat-Up mode.

Not Dial-Up friendly, maybe. Unless you’re willing to load it all up. ->

Terrence Dance 1


Someone told me it’s made of gay. OF COURSE, TEI IS VERY GAY! But that clip isn’t gay enough. THOUGH, THIS ONE IS (And hurray for 81 freaking frames):

Terrence Dance 2

And you. Just how gay are you? Yeah, I’m talking to you.




13 responses

30 03 2008

You play so ownage. ❤ *admire*

30 03 2008

Haha, thanks…!

But… ew, no… There are many others who are better than me and also, I was actually too distracted with staring at Tei’s moves while playing (to find something to clip out like that) rather than concentrating on the game itself, haha! So, I wouldn’t call it “ownage” … But thanks, really. ^^ It flatters me.

3 04 2008

I bow down to you master of Audition! ><.

5 04 2008

Waauw 😀
I love Audition ❤
I always play it at a friends house :p I can’t download it myself T_T
I’m wondering.. How do you make GIFs,? O:
Really like to make one,, .. Problem is that I’ve got absolutely no idea how :p

5 04 2008

Oh, you play Audition, too?! That’s really neat~ What server do you play in? ^^
Aww, yeah, a lot of people can’t play it because of it’s large size and/or has personal reasons (IE. parents don’t want games in the PC, etc.)… A bit sad. But I’m glad to know you get to play at a friend’s house, anyway. ^_^

GIFs, I make them manually. First, you record a game using a recording program (I use Fraps), then after you got the AVI, you can get a AVI editing program (I use VirtualDub) to get the parts you want and then save it as a smaller AVI. Open the AVI you made and take burst screenshots of every frame you want. Once you have the pictures, import them to a GIF animation-supported program you like and save as GIF after placing the frames altogether~

11 04 2008


Yeah I do play Audition!
I play the Free server,, mostly the first, if not the second 🙂
Yeah… Our computer apparently has got some issues so we can’t download particular games like that >.>

Thanks a lot for the Info on GIFs!
I’ll finally be able to actually make some instead of snagging them of sites,xD
I’ll show you a few as soon as I manage to make some!


12 04 2008

Ah, all Audition servers are free to play. ^^ I was asking on what Audition you play in (North America, Europe, Korean, China, HK, Philippines, SEA, etc.) ~
Really? Well, I’m a moderator that assists people with personal problems regarding software all the time. If you want, I can try to attempt helping you out, and let’s see what your computer can do.

And no problem! Good luck making them! All though if you reach 30+ frames, it’ll start to be painful, it’s very much worth it in the end– so I can only say, patience!, when working on long-framed GIFs. It also takes some practice (for some people) so in case you can’t figure it out too much, don’t worry, keep going. I’m sure you’ll be able to make cute GIFs.

13 04 2008


Ah, I play the North American server, which one do you play on?
I also found out why I can’t play on it..
It’s got something to do with the fact that I’m not a head account on this cputer.. So I can’t Install stuff like that >.> Which reeally does suck O:
Anyways 🙂 Thnks fr trying to help 😀

Thanks but isn’t fraps a program you’ve got to buy,? >.>
Maybe I’ll be able to Google up some programs that are free
and help me make those GIFs;.. 🙂

Btway,, I’m wondering how you get so much hits (5333 when I checked)
and only havve been online from December!
It’s really great to get so many O:
I only get around 25 each day since December :p
I’ve got around 550 hits now and I started writing in January!
How do you do that,? O:

14 04 2008

I play in the Korean server. ^_^ I used to play in the very first English server, Global Audition (gAU), but it died years ago and then I moved to Audition SEA. But SEA refuses to update properly and then there’s a time when they got so bugged that people started to take advantages of their bugs. So I left and went to the Korean server.
Ah, I see, no wonder. But maybe you can ask the administrator to let you install? Maybe he/she will let you. ^^

Yeah, you have to buy Fraps, sadly. I hope you’d find a free one! Let me know if you’re able to find one. Good luck!

Ah, that’s pretty much a long explanation over one comment. How about I make an article on my next entry to create a tips article about getting Blog Hits? ^^ It might take a short while for me to write, but I’ll write it next for you!

19 04 2008


Soo… Are you korean? O:
That would be pretty cool .> So I’ve got less than zero chances 😦

Aww.. That’s too bad ): I’ll let you know 🙂
Dyou perhaps know if it’s expensive, ? >.>
I really do have no idea how much it could cost since I want to buy one 🙂

Waauuuuw 😀 Thanks!!
I’m really grateful <33
You’ve helped me so much already 😀 😀 😀
You’re greaat 😀

xx .Tnyaa

19 04 2008

Haha, a lot of people think I’m Korean. No, I’m not. ^^ I’m from Philippines. (I already stated this info at the sidebar of my blog, at the top.)

Well, let’s not say if it’s expensive or not… But the frequency if you’ll use it a lot or just use it once a month or something. If you think it’s worth buying, then go for it. But if you’ll just use it once or a few times, then maybe it’s not worth it.

Sure, Tanya, anytime. ^^

1 05 2008

hey thats a nice clip you got there XD you rock in beat up ^^v is that your own character??? what lvl?? may i know?? hih…. btw, i play audition too hihi… maybe we can play sometimes… you play AudiSEA??

1 05 2008

Thank you! ^^ Yeah, it’s my own character. Like I said above, I play in the Korean server. I used to play in AudiSEA but I moved out because of the reasons I stated in a previous comment above.

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