1 05 2008

For an unknown amount of time, I’ll be having a semi-hiatus. With this, I will minimize the blog updating from now on in order to clear out my mind of several personal things. However, do still expect random quotes, articles, and other content of mine to pop out time to time, but not as frequent as before temporarily. I’ll treat this blog as an archive from now on instead of a daily thought station. But regardless I will still check time to time if anyone has any questions or wish to know anything about my specialized topic fields. Thank you and pardon this inconvenience.




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6 05 2008

If you got problems, lol feel free to approach your friends ^^ i mean your always helping out. lalalalalalalala~

4 06 2008

Hey, Shu. Sorry for the super late reply.

Thank you. Did I ever tell you that you’re one of the nicest friends I ever had? =) I hope you never change. It always makes me happy whenever you attempt to help me because rarely anyone does that for me. So thank you.

5 06 2008

Np ^^ that means a lot.

30 03 2009

In the end… I really did change for the worst… I really caused you alot of trouble lately. I just want you to know that im really sorry and hope that you could forgive me. Im just at a loss here and couldn’t think straight anymore… Im really determined to change for the better this time. I know ive been a total pest for the past few months….. Im really sorry…

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