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11 02 2008

Give A Link Back Protection

The following is a repost from a former version of my blog, since it is now currently down, this is done to revive this short essay. An early impression I had about a character from visual-novel, CLANNAD.

And further in the entry is a Tomoya fandom discussion that I formed that my previous essay did not render too far.

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Tomoya PortraitTomoya Okazaki, one of your average “nice guy” protagonists. But unlike the cheesy, shy type who flushes to no end with a sight of a cute person or the cool but arrogant bishounen who has a bad past, Tomoya falls under one of the categories of the true type of “uniqueness.” He is a guy that wouldn’t love you for everything, but he is the kind of person who wouldn’t let you down no matter what. Tomoya is considered a lazy bum or delinquent at school and some students do not like him for his trait to skip classes or always arriving late for them. But in truth, Tomoya has a heart of gold, and deep down, a lonely person. It is always admirable to have to see main characters, with a bad past, but the kinds to never let events or sudden conflicts get to them when facing other people. Instead of having to share his emotions or even show it, he walks with a calm demeanor and even extends an open, warm palm for those who needs help.

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