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20 02 2008
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myHeart CIRCLE?

… which is tagged in the Categories to the right (or click here), will from now on be the shrine database for my dedicated top favorite fictional characters, who are:

  • Tomoya Okazaki (CLANNAD) by Key
  • Ramza Beoulve (Final Fantasy Tactics) by Square Enix
  • Isilud Tengille (Final Fantasy Tactics) by Square Enix
    • Billy Lee Black (Xenogears) by Squaresoft
    • Cordelia (SaGa Frontier II) by Squaresoft
    • and et al.

The CIRCLE will contain fandom materials authored and/or rendered by me, of course, and is there for the purpose of expression and also inspiration for those who know the said characters, to be able to boost their popularity and appreciation.

The CIRCLE will be updated whenever I feel like it, for they are my personal contributions for the fandom, and not official content in any way. They are meant to be just simply for fun. Said fandom materials will be either in the form of literary art, graphical art, or traditional media.

Quoting me, with credits and a link back, is allowed. I follow my own formed union policy, which is:

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To contact me, simply leave a comment in appropriate section(s), or read the Contact page to find out how personally.