Experimental Clip

30 03 2008

It’s been a while since I last made a small GIF clip. I must be getting rusty. Took me longer just for this little bugger here. (And a free promotion for the game?– Yeah, you know you want to join us, you random dweller, you.)

2 sample dance clips of my dancer, Terrence, from Audition: Online Dance Battle. Just one part from my favorite, stupid Beat-Up mode.

Not Dial-Up friendly, maybe. Unless you’re willing to load it all up. ->

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Spring Field

30 12 2007

Last entry before I head off tomorrow afternoon.

Pink Wind

A pretty screenshot wallpaper of two friends and I~ (Clickies to download~)

I hope we all play together again. Too bad several other friends couldn’t make it during this flower field daydream~ Perhaps next time!

It was a very interesting day today. After running across Pink Wind, playing tag, and laughing about Luke’s love triangles, my friends and I roamed altogether in Deep Inferno to hunt dragons and climb volcanoes. I still believe those dragons have at least 9999 HP.