Experimental Clip

30 03 2008

It’s been a while since I last made a small GIF clip. I must be getting rusty. Took me longer just for this little bugger here. (And a free promotion for the game?– Yeah, you know you want to join us, you random dweller, you.)

2 sample dance clips of my dancer, Terrence, from Audition: Online Dance Battle. Just one part from my favorite, stupid Beat-Up mode.

Not Dial-Up friendly, maybe. Unless you’re willing to load it all up. ->

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PangYa: Season 4 Delight

27 02 2008

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Well, hello there. Ready for more game scoops?

It is announced finally, that the 4th season of Realms of PangYa / Albatross18, is underway in PangYa Korea! You can see this little sucker’s site right here. Don’t ask me when it will be released for English, for I have no idea.

The subtitle of the season is “Delight,” and has a featured– very beautiful theme song composed by the all-star team of ESTi and NieN, two very popular composers from Korea. With special assistance and participation of the vocals of Sanch and as well as Hatsune Miku in some parts. The title of the song is “Zero Fill Love.”

New animations, new features, new courses, new items, and whatever else they’d come up with, you can find it all here. And most awaited, a new character named Lucia.

List of the known new features for the upcoming season:

  • Animations: Dance steps, Special character animations, etc.
  • Layout: New game interface and improved backgrounds
  • Interface: Modified messenger system
  • Challenge: Modified course difficulties
  • Character: A fabulous pop idol singer, Lucia (Details below)
  • Course: Lost Seaway
  • Item: Microphone/Mike clubs, etc.
  • Feature: Self-design clothing system (You can literally design your own clothes–writing your name on it, coloring it, etc.)
  • Feature: New Card System (Aside from our known drugs and potions)
  • Feature: Treasure Hunt
  • Mode: Approach Mode
  • Mode: Improved Tee System


루시아 (Lucia)
Age: 17
Career: Pop Idol Singer
Power: 10
Control: 11
Accuracy: 9
Spin: 2
Curve: 3
Cost: 35,000 Pang

There is a video posted in the web site as teaser trailer as well as displaying the new PangYa S4: Delight’s theme song. But somebody was kind enough to upload in YouTube for easier access, which is this one:

Lost In Your Eyes

25 02 2008

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WARNING: Please be prepared of spoilers, as I had no way of writing about this character without mentioning them at all. But if you have no desire or plan to play the game at all, and depend on friends or the internet to read the script, find out information, or such, then please feel free to read on as I will try to make it worthy to be read.

If you want to use my article or quote a part of it, please read this.


Isilud PortraitIsilud Tengille, formerly known as Izlud Tingel (PSX/PS1), is 19 years of age, Gemini sign, and is a Nightblade (or Knight Blade) class that works for the Murond Glabados Church. He is one of the supporting characters of Final Fantasy Tactics: Shishi Sensou (The War of the Lions)– he is a strong and loyal character, believing to his duties and faith all throughout, but this started to form doubts unto him, especially after his encounter with the main character and the later events that he personally experiences. As almost the entire world itself does not recognize much potential from Isilud, as he was barely shown in the game, he does not have much of anything at all. Similarly to Tomoya Okazaki (CLANNAD) and many other “not very popular” characters, there is almost no fan database and comprehensive, wide content about these characters are very difficult to find. Proof of this is that you can barely find any fan art or even alone official images of him, hence why I, sadly, only used his game portrait for the picture. This essay hopes to formulate more discussions and further theories can hopefully be formed amongst the writers and fans about Isilud.

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Ramza is a trap!

9 02 2008

Apologies for the slow updating of my own blog and to my friends for not having to check their blogs for the past days. I’ve earlier commented in each of the entries I’ve missed out. As for mine, I will soon recover to continue writing random animanga and video game news or reviews after I have the school load off my back. Unfortunately as of late, I’ve been stacked up with projects and work load once more. But we’ll see how much progress I will be able to have before I can recover to turn this to the cheerful blog it was before all my personal PC conflicts.

For you, Mei, soon I shall try out if Onion Knight Ramza shall be able to wear the female items. As mentioned before, I still highly doubt it would work, but if Onion Knights completely have no weapon and armor restrictions, then it just might…? Anyway, look for that since I’m finally going to do it after all the time of wait~ If it possibly won’t work, then how about a portrait of the said image instead? It would be a blow-over it can’t, but a nice picture would just do the trick, then.

I still can’t believe how effeminate Ramza actually is. How many of you out there fallen for this trap? I know I did. The outfit and the hair style of his in Chapter 1 of the game, not to mention those perfectly distinctive curves and gentle face, is questionable to one’s eyes. Compared to all of the male soldiers in the game, he is the only one in that matter of certain style. What are you trying to do, Final Fantasy Tactics Character Designer? (… Hm, speaking of him or her, I’ve yet to catch the name. I’ll look it up later.) … Not that I mind, of course. Heh heh. We all love Ramza.

1000 Hits, Thanks!

13 01 2008

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First of all, thank you very much for the support, you anonymous readers out there and especially my dear friends roaming around in my blog. In celebration of two successful things for:

  • my 1000 hits in bachiatari
  • my PangYa Facts and Theories entry being featured in beloved WordPress
  • (Oh, and Mei! Congratulations for promoting the “Dragon” tag, HAHA!)

I have compiled PangYa weirdness for viewing pleasure. –>

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PangYa Facts and Theories (Season 1-3)

11 01 2008

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This is based off Season 3. I will no longer update this entry for Season 4 and above.


Because many people keep asking me, I decided to write it here conveniently that can be accessed anytime: PangYa facts and theories and facts that I know of. Questions will be answered here and whenever I realize that I missed out on a detail or so, I will update the entry. Corrections are welcome, because my Korean is not perfect therefore I may have misread or read a source wrong from the Korean sites I encountered.

Do be reminded they are character theories and not a general information entry. The common and known information is not going to be posted. This is a theories entry. If you need more in-depth information, go read a PangYa fan site instead. Thank you and enjoy.

First of all, the word, “PangYa!” means “Bang!” in Korean. It is an onomatopoeia. It is written as 팡야 in Hangul.

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Kaz, you beach.

5 01 2008
Kaz is a pimp
I live with my premonitions. Kaz is a “bi” pimp.