PangYa: Season 4 Delight

27 02 2008

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Well, hello there. Ready for more game scoops?

It is announced finally, that the 4th season of Realms of PangYa / Albatross18, is underway in PangYa Korea! You can see this little sucker’s site right here. Don’t ask me when it will be released for English, for I have no idea.

The subtitle of the season is “Delight,” and has a featured– very beautiful theme song composed by the all-star team of ESTi and NieN, two very popular composers from Korea. With special assistance and participation of the vocals of Sanch and as well as Hatsune Miku in some parts. The title of the song is “Zero Fill Love.”

New animations, new features, new courses, new items, and whatever else they’d come up with, you can find it all here. And most awaited, a new character named Lucia.

List of the known new features for the upcoming season:

  • Animations: Dance steps, Special character animations, etc.
  • Layout: New game interface and improved backgrounds
  • Interface: Modified messenger system
  • Challenge: Modified course difficulties
  • Character: A fabulous pop idol singer, Lucia (Details below)
  • Course: Lost Seaway
  • Item: Microphone/Mike clubs, etc.
  • Feature: Self-design clothing system (You can literally design your own clothes–writing your name on it, coloring it, etc.)
  • Feature: New Card System (Aside from our known drugs and potions)
  • Feature: Treasure Hunt
  • Mode: Approach Mode
  • Mode: Improved Tee System


루시아 (Lucia)
Age: 17
Career: Pop Idol Singer
Power: 10
Control: 11
Accuracy: 9
Spin: 2
Curve: 3
Cost: 35,000 Pang

There is a video posted in the web site as teaser trailer as well as displaying the new PangYa S4: Delight’s theme song. But somebody was kind enough to upload in YouTube for easier access, which is this one:


PangYa Facts and Theories (Season 1-3)

11 01 2008

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This is based off Season 3. I will no longer update this entry for Season 4 and above.


Because many people keep asking me, I decided to write it here conveniently that can be accessed anytime: PangYa facts and theories and facts that I know of. Questions will be answered here and whenever I realize that I missed out on a detail or so, I will update the entry. Corrections are welcome, because my Korean is not perfect therefore I may have misread or read a source wrong from the Korean sites I encountered.

Do be reminded they are character theories and not a general information entry. The common and known information is not going to be posted. This is a theories entry. If you need more in-depth information, go read a PangYa fan site instead. Thank you and enjoy.

First of all, the word, “PangYa!” means “Bang!” in Korean. It is an onomatopoeia. It is written as 팡야 in Hangul.

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Tactics Experience

28 12 2007

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The following is a repost from a former version of my video game blog. This is old shit but it’s still worth the read and keep. I still laugh at this little experience.


This game never fails to amuse me until today. After all those long years that I passed without playing it, thinking I can never play it ever again since my PSX broke a long time ago, how can I ever pass up this one? One of my childhood favorite games: Alive once more!

I have been playing until either one of my older brothers snatch the PSP off me or I drain all the battery’s energy. How I miss that “zombifying” part as well. *ahem* … Now, we move on to a more detailed Final Fantasy Tactics: Shishi Sensou (The War of the Lions) story time ramble.

At most, this entry will contain personal experiences and retarded, imaginative failed fiction thought up of by my blasted psyche as I was playing the game. Don’t worry, everything is spoiler-free. Just in case.
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