Experimental Clip

30 03 2008

It’s been a while since I last made a small GIF clip. I must be getting rusty. Took me longer just for this little bugger here. (And a free promotion for the game?– Yeah, you know you want to join us, you random dweller, you.)

2 sample dance clips of my dancer, Terrence, from Audition: Online Dance Battle. Just one part from my favorite, stupid Beat-Up mode.

Not Dial-Up friendly, maybe. Unless you’re willing to load it all up. ->

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Grave Has Risen

26 12 2007

Blog revived due to personal reasons. I’m also partially migrating to WordPress of other issues encountered.

Setting that aside… Game life, my dancer Terrence from Audition: Online Dance Battle is laughing at a certain someone for what he has.

Tei Ramen

Instant noodle bowl. Instant win. Manjuu, I can’t wait to show you this one.

In Final Fantasy Tactics: Shishi Sensou (The War of the Lions), I’ve been having a lot of thoughts lately. The exhilarating storyline is still one of my personal favorites over most game titles. I have honestly never encountered such a brilliant story like this series ever gave. Because of all these pensive acts, they’ve been stacked to my sole inspiration. I’ve mentioned in chronograph, that I will be creating doujin works about the said game. Perhaps it might take a while, but my thoughts still roam me. I will.