2 01 2008

As usual, my friends and I had a blast in Albatross18 (US version of popular anime golf MMOG, PangYa). Today, we played with Steph, Hanako, Mei Ling, Zexy, Legardia, and Gamingnerd. It was crazy. I felt bad when others couldn’t join in because there was a limited to 4 people in each Versus room. We have yet to summon the others for a huge game. Perhaps we should all gather up for a mini-tournament sometime since that’s the only way to fit everyone in to play altogether, haha.

I’m glad everyone was able to have fun in the end, after all. I apologize I didn’t play my -best- because I am still temporarily half-deaf until I see the doctor and I couldn’t play properly at all. Now about the appointment… I’m not sure when that would be, but I believe it would be sometime this upcoming weekend.

Meanwhile, I have a treat for Niaro-lovey~

In Holic Online, I created a certain person just for the happy ride. Who could it be?

Holic - AkoFial

Who is this handsome young man? And who does he fight for, to protect no matter what? Blue-haired school”girl” running at the lower left, I do believe that’s enough of a hint for you.

And in another MMOG line-up, I am eagerly waiting for Mabinogi English. Finally, finally, after such a long time of counting sheep in the air. But I still have many left titles in my awaiting list, regardless. How I wish I had power over time and space in these instances.