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28 03 2008

hey there~ just wondering…since you live in phil. and all do you know why our pangya died?? im sooo frustrated in finding out that my ama E and all of my char. are DEAD!! waaaaaa
damn levelupgames….well thats abt it..hhehe

28 03 2008

Hello and good day, Magister.

Yes, it was a loss for many PH players, and I’m so sorry for this incident. You and a lot of people worked hard, too, and I understand what you’re going through. PangYa PH was my first server, I had a lot of memories in that place. But I transferred to the SEA (Malaysian/Singapore server) and as well as Albatross18 (US server) due to personal reasons at some point and therefore I wasn’t that affected when the PH server fell because I left the server before it crashed down. However, you and all the Pangsters from PH have all my regards. It was really sad for it to go.

PangYa PH died because they didn’t renew the contract regarding hosting the game. This could be because the funds they were receiving could’ve been possibly not enough to keep up with the expensive software updates they were to get form HanbitSoft and Ntreev, especially with the Season 3 expansion that is likely incredibly expensive to get for the PH server. (Not to mention that Season 4 is already at Closed Beta in the Korean server!) OR it was a personal decision of Level-Up Games, Inc. itself, perhaps they had other plans for to spend their earned funds, like upgrading other games instead of PangYa or possibly going to acquire and franchise a new game title in the near future. OR maybe they just felt as their progress in keeping the server isn’t giving them much fulfillments. Whatever the reason could be, I sadly can’t pinpoint out directly as I am not from Level-Up Games Inc., but those are just some possibilities.

Thank you for your question. I hope I helped. Please take care and have a nice day! Feel free to ask me any more further questions.

4 04 2008

Heya, this is Fiona from
Memories of the Rainbow
. Thank you for your kindness and being the first brave soul to comment on my new blog. It definitely made my day.

I had stumble upon your blog when searching about Clannad and found your entries quite enjoyable. Okazaki Tomoya is one of my favorites too. I agree that he has many true qualities that makes his character unique and lovable.

Once again, arigatou gozaimasu!! Hope to see you around.

5 04 2008

Good day, Fiona!

Your blog is really cute and I to be frank, I also liked your informative entries. I’m sure that with just a bit of enjoyment and a bit of work, you will have a blog that you can be proud for, as well as other people! I’m happy to hear that my comment made your day.

Thank you also for the compliments about my random ramblings, I’m glad that people like you enjoy them. Truthfully, I just speak my mind inside my articles. I’m sure that you can do the same, or even, much better than me! And I’ll wish you again good luck and keep writing~

I have linked your blog unto mine if you haven’t noticed. Just a little payback and a small thank you of my own way~ I hope to see you soon, Fiona.

6 05 2008

Hiya Deline. I wanted to say thank you for linking me on your blog.

Wow, has it been a month since I had last commented, time sure has flew by. I’ve found it quite enjoyable writing on my blog — typing away to fill the empty spaces with my random blabbing. It’s something I look forward to on a regular basis now and understand the meaning of “…can be proud for….” So grateful to have people like you who actually visit, it’s quite heartwarming.

Thank you again! Mata ne.

20 03 2009

acc pangya =D

1 07 2009

i need help to create my acc
i whish play pangya help me pliss!!!

1 07 2009

where are a homepage to create my acc ???

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