Give A Link Back (GLB) Union

24 03 2008

After cleaning up my blog of unwanted entries and starting once again fresh with a new layout and banner, I also decided to start a new circle. Talk about Easter and new lives.

Now, some of us may already know about the Japanese circle, Online Fanarts Protection (OFP), which is currently not updated for it died a long way back. Information about the circle is minimum and we don’t even know what happened to the author(s). All we do know is that even though it’s no longer updated, people (usually Japanese) still follow it as a classic, shining rule. However, being on a new world, I thought to start an all-new policy that artists may or may not agree to. It’s actually pretty simple and you’ll be surprised how some are already using it but not really consciously evident.

Continue reading about the formed union: GLB Union * click here.

Please support the policy if you find the idea much more open and fulfilling, use the banner or link back to my entry– spread the word. Thank you!


Noir-tan and the Asus Eee PC Contest~

17 03 2008

My Noir-tan imouto~~ is currently in 3rd place in a national contest~~! (Was it, Noir? Stab me if I said it wrong…) The Asus Eee PC Design Contest Philippines that would have fabulous prizes for the winners… One of which, for the 1st place winner, is having his/her work design to be used and printed unto the Asus Eee PC itself. The voting is on-going at the moment. The contest, simply said, is themed after a Philippine-related setting. Read the rest about the contest here.

Noir-tan in Asus Contest

I remember yesterday we were both sulking over the seemingly worthless picks of people winning who are not even related to the contest’s theme and also when we saw completely useless submissions that weren’t even exerted of effort… But over in just one night, she’s suddenly rising to third place with a great number of votes… Noir-tan, omedetou…~ I’m so proud of you…

Please vote for No. 00319, Noir’s wonderful vector of a Philippine Festival Mask Theme…~ I’m happy to say she did a very great job in the digital portrait and her choice of colors are very good, plus the work itself is amazingly clean and simple. If I could visualize it as a printed design, it would look so colorful. I hope it wins! I’d really like to see it in actual life…

I has teh kyoot chefie.

9 03 2008

Ceiron: o_o
Deline: Well look who’s here
Deline: *hugs Cei*
Ceiron: Hai
Zexy: !
Ceiron: /omg
Zexy: XD
Deline: LOL
Deline: Get the pokeball
Robin: gotta catch ’em all!!!
Zexy: GET IN THE DAMN POKEBALL! *points to the tiny ball*
Ceiron: O_o;;
Zexy: ❤ Pretty please?
Ceiron: *stares at tiny ball*
Ceiron: Uhh…
Zexy: Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase?
Ceiron: It’s smaller than my fist
Zexy: ….D:
Zexy: Then shrink!
Deline: It’s magical
Deline: It sucks you in
Deline: By some unexplainable force
Ceiron: If it holds a cow, it can hold me
Ceiron: Let me at it
Deline: *puts Cei in pokeball*
Ceiron: *shakes violently 3 times before admitting defeat like in the games*
Zexy: Yaaaay~
Deline: *insert insane Team Rocket-like laugh here*
Deline: Cei-kawaii-kun *shot and stabbed*
Robin: o_O
Zexy: OKAY
Deline: *lol’d* CKK his nickname
Deline: …or just CK
Deline: He’s leet, he even has teddy bear grand cross and Nagisa’s favorite FD+JT combo
Zexy: Oooooh~~~ *approves*
Deline: …other than that
Deline: CEI-KUN, WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE T^T <3333333333333
Ceiron: o.o;;


Ceiron: What?
Ceiron: ….
Ceiron: *runs*
Ceiron: D=
Deline: *hugs* x3
Ceiron: Onoes, Noir’s on
Ceiron: *runs and brbs*
Ceiron: Back
Deline: XD Wb~
Deline: Noir had to go for a bit, someone had to use the PC
Ceiron: Lol, I see
Ceiron: Gives me more time to run
Deline: DAMN YOU >=|
Deline: *puts in pokeball!*
Ceiron: Gahh
Deline: :3 *goes to find Noir to give* ❤
Ceiron: *shakes around*
Deline: XD <3333
Deline: Awwh x3 *cuddles pokemon Cei*

Stream of Tomorrow and Yesterday

1 03 2008


This piece is specially directed to my old high school. The photos are done last year 2005, during our last moments in our school. The images are ripped from my friend’s video camera, sorry that they are of bad quality. Click on the images to enlarge them.


Kostka MC Left Field

It’s been so long ever since. I never managed to visit for more than a year, more than two years, and it seems to go on as our lives continue. Though this was so, I still remember all the collected treasures we all compiled together in the imaginary album called the heart. I miss you, my friends, my mentors, my second family. I miss all the days we spent together.

Kostka MC Right FieldI have longed to see the serene view of the four walls of our classroom, longed to feel the calming breeze that was “tomorrow” to us long back. I have longed to see the heart-warming sight of the old basketball court out on the field we all used to play in, longed to hear the laughters that filled every area of those grassy plains and earthy hills.

Kostka Hallway I can as if grasp the faraway star that shone under that aged building where we all grew up and learned, here in my set of hands. All of us used to work so much, play so much, talk so much, spend so much altogether in our own private world. Our old high school, our second home. I still, to this day, long to ever reach your own hands, or yet alone to hear your voices.

Kostka Hallway2We never cared for so much all those seemingly repetitive days. Always would wake up early to greet the morning sun, always would do these mind-deceiving homework that we thought difficult– but all of them were just little things that were part of that former life we all had. Even to the worst situations like these, today we long for it… Ironic, indeed.

Kostka 4A Classroom I still have all the letters from our last retreat. I still have all the letters from our “note-passing” sessions in the classroom. I still have all those little papers, that over the passed years, now fragile treasures that even money won’t ever replace. Whenever I would look down to read at them, it would never fail to create an everlasting smile… even to my worst conditions.

Kostka 4A Classroom2To you all, I dedicate, these water streams of memories. I miss you all, my dear friends. I still continue to hope to see you all one day. For now, though I know it’s vague for you all to read, I pray for your healths and successes.

– For Saint Kostka School, Marikina City, Philippines

Love from, D.S.

KS-HS Batch 2005 4B Class
Kostka 2005 4B Class

Kostka 2005 Graduation Room Kostka 2005 Graduation Room2
KS-HS Section 4A& 4B Graduation (Multi-Purpose Hall)

Further in the entry, random facts about the school and its community:

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29 02 2008

My old teacher way back in high school shared this piece years ago. When I was digging past quotes from the old days, I managed to stumble across this. I just had to quote him.


A teacher asks her class, “If there are 5 birds sitting on a fence and you shoot one of them, how many will be left?” She calls on little Joey.

He replies, “None, they will all fly away with the first gun shot.”

The teacher replies, “The correct answer is 4, but I like your thinking.”

Then little Joey says “I have a question for YOU. There are three women sitting on a bench having ice cream: One is delicately licking the sides of the triple scoop of ice cream. The second is gobbling down the top and sucking the cone. The third is biting off the top of the ice cream. Which one is married?”

The teacher, blushing a great deal, replied, “Well, I suppose the one that’s gobbled down the top and sucked the cone.”

To which Little Joey replied, “The correct answer is the one with the wedding ring on, but I like your thinking.”

PangYa: Season 4 Delight

27 02 2008

Give A Link Back Protection

Well, hello there. Ready for more game scoops?

It is announced finally, that the 4th season of Realms of PangYa / Albatross18, is underway in PangYa Korea! You can see this little sucker’s site right here. Don’t ask me when it will be released for English, for I have no idea.

The subtitle of the season is “Delight,” and has a featured– very beautiful theme song composed by the all-star team of ESTi and NieN, two very popular composers from Korea. With special assistance and participation of the vocals of Sanch and as well as Hatsune Miku in some parts. The title of the song is “Zero Fill Love.”

New animations, new features, new courses, new items, and whatever else they’d come up with, you can find it all here. And most awaited, a new character named Lucia.

List of the known new features for the upcoming season:

  • Animations: Dance steps, Special character animations, etc.
  • Layout: New game interface and improved backgrounds
  • Interface: Modified messenger system
  • Challenge: Modified course difficulties
  • Character: A fabulous pop idol singer, Lucia (Details below)
  • Course: Lost Seaway
  • Item: Microphone/Mike clubs, etc.
  • Feature: Self-design clothing system (You can literally design your own clothes–writing your name on it, coloring it, etc.)
  • Feature: New Card System (Aside from our known drugs and potions)
  • Feature: Treasure Hunt
  • Mode: Approach Mode
  • Mode: Improved Tee System


루시아 (Lucia)
Age: 17
Career: Pop Idol Singer
Power: 10
Control: 11
Accuracy: 9
Spin: 2
Curve: 3
Cost: 35,000 Pang

There is a video posted in the web site as teaser trailer as well as displaying the new PangYa S4: Delight’s theme song. But somebody was kind enough to upload in YouTube for easier access, which is this one:

Lost In Your Eyes

25 02 2008

 Give A Link Back Protection

WARNING: Please be prepared of spoilers, as I had no way of writing about this character without mentioning them at all. But if you have no desire or plan to play the game at all, and depend on friends or the internet to read the script, find out information, or such, then please feel free to read on as I will try to make it worthy to be read.

If you want to use my article or quote a part of it, please read this.


Isilud PortraitIsilud Tengille, formerly known as Izlud Tingel (PSX/PS1), is 19 years of age, Gemini sign, and is a Nightblade (or Knight Blade) class that works for the Murond Glabados Church. He is one of the supporting characters of Final Fantasy Tactics: Shishi Sensou (The War of the Lions)– he is a strong and loyal character, believing to his duties and faith all throughout, but this started to form doubts unto him, especially after his encounter with the main character and the later events that he personally experiences. As almost the entire world itself does not recognize much potential from Isilud, as he was barely shown in the game, he does not have much of anything at all. Similarly to Tomoya Okazaki (CLANNAD) and many other “not very popular” characters, there is almost no fan database and comprehensive, wide content about these characters are very difficult to find. Proof of this is that you can barely find any fan art or even alone official images of him, hence why I, sadly, only used his game portrait for the picture. This essay hopes to formulate more discussions and further theories can hopefully be formed amongst the writers and fans about Isilud.

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