I am called Deline. My real name’s initials are D.S. I am from South-East Asia, Philippines. I am a college student studying in De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde. As of the year 2008, I am an excelling junior student taking up the course, Bachelor of Science and Business Administration: Computer Applications; otherwise known as the hardest course in DLS-CSB. After achieving the CA course, I plan on taking up a masteral degree.

Underneath the serious appearance in my studies, my teenage spirit and childish physique still lingers within my persona. For my interests: I adore nature itself and animals, hence my liking for photography; I ❤ art and literature; I ❤ Korean music; I ❤ Japanimation and manga; I ❤ high-technological devices, computers, or softwares; and saving the most notable one for last, I absolutely love video games: PC, arcade, online, or console. A side trip includes my background of being a freelance digital artist.

My favorite type of food are noodle dishes, most especially hot ramen.

For my language barrier breakers, I speak/am studying English, Tagalog(Filipino), 日本語-Nihongo(Japanese), and 한국어-Hangugeo(Korean). Note for those who keep wondering: My main language is NOT English.

As a gamer, I am the open-minded type. That means, I like to try out every single existing genre. From first-person shooting to strategy, role playing to horror, or even fighting to sports games; anything goes for me. Mentioned as a rare, social female gamer, I have quite an experience since I have become agile to even play in networking games (LAN or online). In my life, once, I’ve been mistaken for a boy inside an internet cafe while playing Counter-Strike with a large group of boys. *laughs*

Just for the record, my top favorite characters from anything else, in NO PARTICULAR ORDER are:

  • Tomoya Okazaki from Key’s CLANNAD
  • Takafumi Sakagami from Key’s CLANNAD
  • Ramza Beoulve from Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Tactics
  • Isilud Tengille (Izlude Tingel) from Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Tactics
  • Mio Amakura from Tecmo’s Fatal Frame II
  • The Tachibana Family from Tecmo’s Fatal Frame II
  • Narumi Ayumu from Kyou Shirodaira’s Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna ~Bonds of Reasoning~
  • Billy Lee Black from Squaresoft’s Xenogears
  • Kelvena from Squaresoft’s Xenogears
  • Lion Magnus (Leon Magnus) from Namco’s Tales of Destiny
  • Cordelia from Squaresoft’s SaGa Frontier II
  • Millennia from Tecmo’s Kagero: Deception II
  • et. al.

My favorite pairings, meanwhile, would be:

  • Final Fantasy Tactics: Isilud x Ramza
  • Final Fantasy Tactics: Agrias x Ovelia
  • Romeo no Aoi Sora (Romeo’s Blue Skies): Alfredo x Romeo
  • Ie Naki no Remi (Nobody’s Girl, Remi): Mathias/Machia x Remi
  • CLANNAD: Ryou x Nagisa
  • CLANNAD: Kyou x BUTTON/BOTAN (You should’ve seen this coming.)
  • CLANNAD: Sunohara x Tomoyo
  • Realms of PangYa: Kaz x Nuri
  • Breath of Fire III: Ryu x Nina
  • Breath of Fire III: Teepo x Ryu
  • Breath of Fire III: Rei x Momo
  • RockMan/MegaMan X/Zero: Maverick Hunter Zero x Maverick Hunter X
  • Suikoden II: Miklotov x Camus
  • Suikoden II: Jowy x Riou (… Sometimes.)
  • Xenosaga: Shion x KOS-MOS or KOS-MOS x Shion
  • Xenosaga: chaos x KOS-MOS
  • Xenosaga: Rubedo (Gaignun Kukai Jr.) x MOMO
  • Tales of the Abyss: Asch x Luke
  • Tales of Destiny: Stan/Stahn x Lion/Leon
  • Tales of Destiny: Stan/Stahn x PIGEONS (Yet, we strike again.)
  • Viva! Tales (Alternate Universe): Luke x Lion/Leon
  • Viva! Tales (Alternate Universe): Asch x Lion/Leon
  • Code Geass: Suzaku x Lelouch
  • Princess ChuChu/TuTu: Prince Mytho x Princess TuTu
  • Strawberry Panic: Amane x Hikari
  • Maria-sama ga Miteru: Shimako x Noriko
  • Fruits Basket: Yuki x Tohru
  • Ultra Maniac(UruMani): Tsujiai x Nina
  • Of course, there are more, but I’m too lazy to write them all down. I’m sorry. TwT~

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