SP Family

13 04 2008

SOMETHING RANDOM FOR MY FRIENDS ONLY. It’s short and pointless. Other people might not understand the thing since it’s all based from personal RP experiences so don’t bother reading it.

It was a quiet day in Pleasantville. A sky so blue, the water so calm and bright, it was seemingly a perfect day. Yes, a typical introduction that is constantly ever overused in damn stories. AREN’T YOU TIRED OF READING THE SAME THINGS OVER AND OVER?! YES?! WELL, THIS CALLS FOR A REVOLUTION!! EVERYONE MUST FROM NOW ON GIVE COMPLETELY RANDOM AND POINTLESS HEADING PARAGRAPHS. *gets blasted into space*

HEY YOU!!!! DISCLAIMER: I don’t own most of the characters. They’re either originals of my numerous friends’ or from videogame or anime title. The only character I truly own here is Fial. SETTING IS BASED FROM “RAGNAROK ONLINE” WITH THE MIX OF “THE SIMS 2” GAME! RO isn’t mine. Sims 2 isn’t mine, either. RO is by Gravity Inc. while is by Maxis/EA Games as much I want their babies, they’re not mine. =(

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Cei = Manly

9 04 2008

You know what… my professor announced something late and I ended up checking it late as well, resulting in a complete waste of time after I arrived in school only to find that certain late announcement in my mail. So I’m right here in school, no class with time wasted, just waiting for my brother to get back here so I can get home again. I wonder if he did that on purpose as a trap. If he did, he sure did a good job.

Aside from that, I’m worried about Mei-imouto. She wasn’t on today, which is unusual… I wonder if anything happened. I hope it’s just a thunderstorm or she’s just out with family or friends, or something… and also, currently chatting with Cei-kun:

Deline: Man I still feel sorry for your finger. You get injured a lot Cei =( *worries* Take care of yourself more D:
Ceiron: I’m a man, I do this to myself more often than you can imagine
Ceiron: And I’m one of the more “sensible” senior boys
Deline: You’re… a masochist? >=( ?!!!! (j/k)
Ceiron: If I was, Yuu’d kick me out
Deline: LOL

Bump, bump~

5 04 2008

Oh~ It seems that WordPress has improved their dashboard features and design. I preferred the old colors, personally… But it seems the new design is more organized and clean to work with. Thank you, WordPress! (But a personal opinion, maybe you can include interface color selection in the future for users to pick their own dashboard colors~ Won’t that be fun?)

Anyway, right now, I’m almost on my summer vacation. Next week is our last one for lectures and such, and then the final exams shall come. I’m finally getting my long-awaited rest. I also have a looser schedule for next term! I just want to apologize to Noir and Stacky that I didn’t get to be in the same CATHWOR class as them. I highly doubt I’d be able to adjust the schedule as well, since my dad already likes my current one… Another good news, though, is that my annoying cold is almost fully recovered~