Give A Link Back (GLB) Union

24 03 2008

After cleaning up my blog of unwanted entries and starting once again fresh with a new layout and banner, I also decided to start a new circle. Talk about Easter and new lives.

Now, some of us may already know about the Japanese circle, Online Fanarts Protection (OFP), which is currently not updated for it died a long way back. Information about the circle is minimum and we don’t even know what happened to the author(s). All we do know is that even though it’s no longer updated, people (usually Japanese) still follow it as a classic, shining rule. However, being on a new world, I thought to start an all-new policy that artists may or may not agree to. It’s actually pretty simple and you’ll be surprised how some are already using it but not really consciously evident.

Continue reading about the formed union: GLB Union * click here.

Please support the policy if you find the idea much more open and fulfilling, use the banner or link back to my entry– spread the word. Thank you!