1000 Hits, Thanks!

13 01 2008

Give A Link Back Protection

First of all, thank you very much for the support, you anonymous readers out there and especially my dear friends roaming around in my blog. In celebration of two successful things for:

  • my 1000 hits in bachiatari
  • my PangYa Facts and Theories entry being featured in beloved WordPress
  • (Oh, and Mei! Congratulations for promoting the “Dragon” tag, HAHA!)

I have compiled PangYa weirdness for viewing pleasure. –>

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Cloudy Walk~

12 01 2008

I came to school for almost nothing today. It was slightly troublesome especially since it was a morning class, 9 AM, plus it was a Saturday. But regardless, I’m very happy to find out earlier that my professor for one of my subjects this term is actually one of my favorite teachers, Sir Heinz! Sir Heinz was my professor just last term and his classes are one of the best I ever had in my college life. He is incredibly amusing and funny, always knows what to say, knows how to kill the boredom or get students’ attention easily, and is a very kind and considerate person. I learned so many things from him, both subject-related and otherwise. Last month, I helped him check final exam papers as my Christmas present for him. I was actually praying that I would get him again next term, now I did, and I’m so proud. Unfortunately, earlier today we didn’t get to see him yet. He had to attend a seminar so there were no classes that he would be able to conduct this morning, which would be the canceled class earlier. I hope that he could be able to start by next Saturday, and that he really is our professor. The reason we found out is that several mates of ours asked over at the faculty room and they said it was really him. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. If it is 100% confirmed… well, points!

And a question of the century: Noir-imouto’s friend, Stacky-chan, keeps calling me cute… for being shy and always hugging Noir no matter where I went. Why on earth would that make me cute?! If you would ask me, Noir-imouto is way cuter than I am. Adorable little sister, you, Noir! Even pretty Stacky-chan herself is more admirable… And she’s so tall, I envy her! I wish I had that kind of height, then I could scare the boys, perhaps! Ehee hee.

PangYa Facts and Theories (Season 1-3)

11 01 2008

Give A Link Back Protection


This is based off Season 3. I will no longer update this entry for Season 4 and above.


Because many people keep asking me, I decided to write it here conveniently that can be accessed anytime: PangYa facts and theories and facts that I know of. Questions will be answered here and whenever I realize that I missed out on a detail or so, I will update the entry. Corrections are welcome, because my Korean is not perfect therefore I may have misread or read a source wrong from the Korean sites I encountered.

Do be reminded they are character theories and not a general information entry. The common and known information is not going to be posted. This is a theories entry. If you need more in-depth information, go read a PangYa fan site instead. Thank you and enjoy.

First of all, the word, “PangYa!” means “Bang!” in Korean. It is an onomatopoeia. It is written as 팡야 in Hangul.

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8 01 2008

N-Noir… Noir-imouto gave me a dolphin sphere!! It’s so cute! I can’t help myself but to stare at the sparkling flakes of paper inside the sphere. I’m going to put it on my computer desk from now on~ She also gave me a milk tea pack which I’m going to be drinking soon.

Noir-imouto, thank you for everything. I’m very grateful and I don’t even know how to express my words. Thank you for always being there and always being such a kind person. I dedicate this entry for my dearest Noir, who had been my friend/sister for over six years.

I miss my family.

7 01 2008

Ceiron: *starves*
Deline: Aww, hehe.
Deline: You guys should eat.
Ceiron: I ate a big bowl of cereal with milk, a can of sardine with tomato sauce with bread
Ceiron: Eating a plate of Macaroni cheese
Ceiron: *goes on*
Ceiron: They call me the bottomless pit

edit; (Here Noir, for you~)

Deline: Noir says hi!
Ceiron: =O
Ceiron: *trips and falls*
Ceiron: Hai!!

Why is Cei-kun so cute?! TwT

Kaz, you beach.

5 01 2008
Kaz is a pimp
I live with my premonitions. Kaz is a “bi” pimp.

Word Game: Episode I

3 01 2008

While we’re waiting for a certain game to open its portal, let’s play a word game. Just comment with a random word (or two words or even sentence) but you have to use the last letter of the word of the previous poster.


Person 1: Candy!

Get the last letter, “y,” and then reply with any word starting with y.

Person 2: Yam!

Person 3: Mattress!

Person 4: SLAP FEST!

And so on. Understand? Great! First shot is: LUKE FON FABRE.