1 05 2008

For an unknown amount of time, I’ll be having a semi-hiatus. With this, I will minimize the blog updating from now on in order to clear out my mind of several personal things. However, do still expect random quotes, articles, and other content of mine to pop out time to time, but not as frequent as before temporarily. I’ll treat this blog as an archive from now on instead of a daily thought station. But regardless I will still check time to time if anyone has any questions or wish to know anything about my specialized topic fields. Thank you and pardon this inconvenience.


Cei = Manly

9 04 2008

You know what… my professor announced something late and I ended up checking it late as well, resulting in a complete waste of time after I arrived in school only to find that certain late announcement in my mail. So I’m right here in school, no class with time wasted, just waiting for my brother to get back here so I can get home again. I wonder if he did that on purpose as a trap. If he did, he sure did a good job.

Aside from that, I’m worried about Mei-imouto. She wasn’t on today, which is unusual… I wonder if anything happened. I hope it’s just a thunderstorm or she’s just out with family or friends, or something… and also, currently chatting with Cei-kun:

Deline: Man I still feel sorry for your finger. You get injured a lot Cei =( *worries* Take care of yourself more D:
Ceiron: I’m a man, I do this to myself more often than you can imagine
Ceiron: And I’m one of the more “sensible” senior boys
Deline: You’re… a masochist? >=( ?!!!! (j/k)
Ceiron: If I was, Yuu’d kick me out
Deline: LOL

Bump, bump~

5 04 2008

Oh~ It seems that WordPress has improved their dashboard features and design. I preferred the old colors, personally… But it seems the new design is more organized and clean to work with. Thank you, WordPress! (But a personal opinion, maybe you can include interface color selection in the future for users to pick their own dashboard colors~ Won’t that be fun?)

Anyway, right now, I’m almost on my summer vacation. Next week is our last one for lectures and such, and then the final exams shall come. I’m finally getting my long-awaited rest. I also have a looser schedule for next term! I just want to apologize to Noir and Stacky that I didn’t get to be in the same CATHWOR class as them. I highly doubt I’d be able to adjust the schedule as well, since my dad already likes my current one… Another good news, though, is that my annoying cold is almost fully recovered~

Noir-tan and the Asus Eee PC Contest~

17 03 2008

My Noir-tan imouto~~ is currently in 3rd place in a national contest~~! (Was it, Noir? Stab me if I said it wrong…) The Asus Eee PC Design Contest Philippines that would have fabulous prizes for the winners… One of which, for the 1st place winner, is having his/her work design to be used and printed unto the Asus Eee PC itself. The voting is on-going at the moment. The contest, simply said, is themed after a Philippine-related setting. Read the rest about the contest here.

Noir-tan in Asus Contest

I remember yesterday we were both sulking over the seemingly worthless picks of people winning who are not even related to the contest’s theme and also when we saw completely useless submissions that weren’t even exerted of effort… But over in just one night, she’s suddenly rising to third place with a great number of votes… Noir-tan, omedetou…~ I’m so proud of you…

Please vote for No. 00319, Noir’s wonderful vector of a Philippine Festival Mask Theme…~ I’m happy to say she did a very great job in the digital portrait and her choice of colors are very good, plus the work itself is amazingly clean and simple. If I could visualize it as a printed design, it would look so colorful. I hope it wins! I’d really like to see it in actual life…

Stream of Tomorrow and Yesterday

1 03 2008


This piece is specially directed to my old high school. The photos are done last year 2005, during our last moments in our school. The images are ripped from my friend’s video camera, sorry that they are of bad quality. Click on the images to enlarge them.


Kostka MC Left Field

It’s been so long ever since. I never managed to visit for more than a year, more than two years, and it seems to go on as our lives continue. Though this was so, I still remember all the collected treasures we all compiled together in the imaginary album called the heart. I miss you, my friends, my mentors, my second family. I miss all the days we spent together.

Kostka MC Right FieldI have longed to see the serene view of the four walls of our classroom, longed to feel the calming breeze that was “tomorrow” to us long back. I have longed to see the heart-warming sight of the old basketball court out on the field we all used to play in, longed to hear the laughters that filled every area of those grassy plains and earthy hills.

Kostka Hallway I can as if grasp the faraway star that shone under that aged building where we all grew up and learned, here in my set of hands. All of us used to work so much, play so much, talk so much, spend so much altogether in our own private world. Our old high school, our second home. I still, to this day, long to ever reach your own hands, or yet alone to hear your voices.

Kostka Hallway2We never cared for so much all those seemingly repetitive days. Always would wake up early to greet the morning sun, always would do these mind-deceiving homework that we thought difficult– but all of them were just little things that were part of that former life we all had. Even to the worst situations like these, today we long for it… Ironic, indeed.

Kostka 4A Classroom I still have all the letters from our last retreat. I still have all the letters from our “note-passing” sessions in the classroom. I still have all those little papers, that over the passed years, now fragile treasures that even money won’t ever replace. Whenever I would look down to read at them, it would never fail to create an everlasting smile… even to my worst conditions.

Kostka 4A Classroom2To you all, I dedicate, these water streams of memories. I miss you all, my dear friends. I still continue to hope to see you all one day. For now, though I know it’s vague for you all to read, I pray for your healths and successes.

– For Saint Kostka School, Marikina City, Philippines

Love from, D.S.

KS-HS Batch 2005 4B Class
Kostka 2005 4B Class

Kostka 2005 Graduation Room Kostka 2005 Graduation Room2
KS-HS Section 4A& 4B Graduation (Multi-Purpose Hall)

Further in the entry, random facts about the school and its community:

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Ramza is a trap!

9 02 2008

Apologies for the slow updating of my own blog and to my friends for not having to check their blogs for the past days. I’ve earlier commented in each of the entries I’ve missed out. As for mine, I will soon recover to continue writing random animanga and video game news or reviews after I have the school load off my back. Unfortunately as of late, I’ve been stacked up with projects and work load once more. But we’ll see how much progress I will be able to have before I can recover to turn this to the cheerful blog it was before all my personal PC conflicts.

For you, Mei, soon I shall try out if Onion Knight Ramza shall be able to wear the female items. As mentioned before, I still highly doubt it would work, but if Onion Knights completely have no weapon and armor restrictions, then it just might…? Anyway, look for that since I’m finally going to do it after all the time of wait~ If it possibly won’t work, then how about a portrait of the said image instead? It would be a blow-over it can’t, but a nice picture would just do the trick, then.

I still can’t believe how effeminate Ramza actually is. How many of you out there fallen for this trap? I know I did. The outfit and the hair style of his in Chapter 1 of the game, not to mention those perfectly distinctive curves and gentle face, is questionable to one’s eyes. Compared to all of the male soldiers in the game, he is the only one in that matter of certain style. What are you trying to do, Final Fantasy Tactics Character Designer? (… Hm, speaking of him or her, I’ve yet to catch the name. I’ll look it up later.) … Not that I mind, of course. Heh heh. We all love Ramza.

Cloudy Walk~

12 01 2008

I came to school for almost nothing today. It was slightly troublesome especially since it was a morning class, 9 AM, plus it was a Saturday. But regardless, I’m very happy to find out earlier that my professor for one of my subjects this term is actually one of my favorite teachers, Sir Heinz! Sir Heinz was my professor just last term and his classes are one of the best I ever had in my college life. He is incredibly amusing and funny, always knows what to say, knows how to kill the boredom or get students’ attention easily, and is a very kind and considerate person. I learned so many things from him, both subject-related and otherwise. Last month, I helped him check final exam papers as my Christmas present for him. I was actually praying that I would get him again next term, now I did, and I’m so proud. Unfortunately, earlier today we didn’t get to see him yet. He had to attend a seminar so there were no classes that he would be able to conduct this morning, which would be the canceled class earlier. I hope that he could be able to start by next Saturday, and that he really is our professor. The reason we found out is that several mates of ours asked over at the faculty room and they said it was really him. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. If it is 100% confirmed… well, points!

And a question of the century: Noir-imouto’s friend, Stacky-chan, keeps calling me cute… for being shy and always hugging Noir no matter where I went. Why on earth would that make me cute?! If you would ask me, Noir-imouto is way cuter than I am. Adorable little sister, you, Noir! Even pretty Stacky-chan herself is more admirable… And she’s so tall, I envy her! I wish I had that kind of height, then I could scare the boys, perhaps! Ehee hee.