PangYa: Season 4 Delight

27 02 2008

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Well, hello there. Ready for more game scoops?

It is announced finally, that the 4th season of Realms of PangYa / Albatross18, is underway in PangYa Korea! You can see this little sucker’s site right here. Don’t ask me when it will be released for English, for I have no idea.

The subtitle of the season is “Delight,” and has a featured– very beautiful theme song composed by the all-star team of ESTi and NieN, two very popular composers from Korea. With special assistance and participation of the vocals of Sanch and as well as Hatsune Miku in some parts. The title of the song is “Zero Fill Love.”

New animations, new features, new courses, new items, and whatever else they’d come up with, you can find it all here. And most awaited, a new character named Lucia.

List of the known new features for the upcoming season:

  • Animations: Dance steps, Special character animations, etc.
  • Layout: New game interface and improved backgrounds
  • Interface: Modified messenger system
  • Challenge: Modified course difficulties
  • Character: A fabulous pop idol singer, Lucia (Details below)
  • Course: Lost Seaway
  • Item: Microphone/Mike clubs, etc.
  • Feature: Self-design clothing system (You can literally design your own clothes–writing your name on it, coloring it, etc.)
  • Feature: New Card System (Aside from our known drugs and potions)
  • Feature: Treasure Hunt
  • Mode: Approach Mode
  • Mode: Improved Tee System


루시아 (Lucia)
Age: 17
Career: Pop Idol Singer
Power: 10
Control: 11
Accuracy: 9
Spin: 2
Curve: 3
Cost: 35,000 Pang

There is a video posted in the web site as teaser trailer as well as displaying the new PangYa S4: Delight’s theme song. But somebody was kind enough to upload in YouTube for easier access, which is this one:


1000 Hits, Thanks!

13 01 2008

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First of all, thank you very much for the support, you anonymous readers out there and especially my dear friends roaming around in my blog. In celebration of two successful things for:

  • my 1000 hits in bachiatari
  • my PangYa Facts and Theories entry being featured in beloved WordPress
  • (Oh, and Mei! Congratulations for promoting the “Dragon” tag, HAHA!)

I have compiled PangYa weirdness for viewing pleasure. –>

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PangYa Facts and Theories (Season 1-3)

11 01 2008

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This is based off Season 3. I will no longer update this entry for Season 4 and above.


Because many people keep asking me, I decided to write it here conveniently that can be accessed anytime: PangYa facts and theories and facts that I know of. Questions will be answered here and whenever I realize that I missed out on a detail or so, I will update the entry. Corrections are welcome, because my Korean is not perfect therefore I may have misread or read a source wrong from the Korean sites I encountered.

Do be reminded they are character theories and not a general information entry. The common and known information is not going to be posted. This is a theories entry. If you need more in-depth information, go read a PangYa fan site instead. Thank you and enjoy.

First of all, the word, “PangYa!” means “Bang!” in Korean. It is an onomatopoeia. It is written as 팡야 in Hangul.

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Kaz, you beach.

5 01 2008
Kaz is a pimp
I live with my premonitions. Kaz is a “bi” pimp.


2 01 2008

As usual, my friends and I had a blast in Albatross18 (US version of popular anime golf MMOG, PangYa). Today, we played with Steph, Hanako, Mei Ling, Zexy, Legardia, and Gamingnerd. It was crazy. I felt bad when others couldn’t join in because there was a limited to 4 people in each Versus room. We have yet to summon the others for a huge game. Perhaps we should all gather up for a mini-tournament sometime since that’s the only way to fit everyone in to play altogether, haha.

I’m glad everyone was able to have fun in the end, after all. I apologize I didn’t play my -best- because I am still temporarily half-deaf until I see the doctor and I couldn’t play properly at all. Now about the appointment… I’m not sure when that would be, but I believe it would be sometime this upcoming weekend.

Meanwhile, I have a treat for Niaro-lovey~

In Holic Online, I created a certain person just for the happy ride. Who could it be?

Holic - AkoFial

Who is this handsome young man? And who does he fight for, to protect no matter what? Blue-haired school”girl” running at the lower left, I do believe that’s enough of a hint for you.

And in another MMOG line-up, I am eagerly waiting for Mabinogi English. Finally, finally, after such a long time of counting sheep in the air. But I still have many left titles in my awaiting list, regardless. How I wish I had power over time and space in these instances.

Spring Field

30 12 2007

Last entry before I head off tomorrow afternoon.

Pink Wind

A pretty screenshot wallpaper of two friends and I~ (Clickies to download~)

I hope we all play together again. Too bad several other friends couldn’t make it during this flower field daydream~ Perhaps next time!

It was a very interesting day today. After running across Pink Wind, playing tag, and laughing about Luke’s love triangles, my friends and I roamed altogether in Deep Inferno to hunt dragons and climb volcanoes. I still believe those dragons have at least 9999 HP.

Christmas Gift

26 12 2007

 Kaz and Kooh

One of my most precious Christmas gifts this year is something I had never really expected. I dedicate this entry to appreciate this wonderful little thing anyone can do for a freestyle gamer like me. Breaking it out, the gift was cash items in Albatross18 (US version of popular anime golf MMOG, PangYa). And of course, I have my beautiful and cute Niaro-lovey to thank for this gift she gave me this season. Niaro, I’ll never forget this. I hope to repay you someday… ♥ Thank you and Merry Christmas, lovey! ♥