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OFP? *checks pulse* Are you even still fully alive and followed?

Now, some of us may already know about the Japanese circle, Online Fanarts Protection (OFP), which is currently not updated for it died a long way back. Information about the circle is minimum and we don’t even know what happened to the author(s). All we do know is that even though it’s no longer updated, people (usually Japanese) still follow it as a classic, shining rule. However, being on a new world, I thought to start an all-new policy that artists may or may not agree to. It’s actually pretty simple and you’ll be surprised how some are already using it but not really consciously evident.

Online Fanarts Protection

This is the old and commonly seen OFP banner. Even I used it myself and of course, being a classic rule, I still do use it even if not for fan art but fan articles and other intellectual property rights made.

Problem here is, what if the person is too shy to ask for permission? (Even more since the banner sounds so serious!) Or what if the person just doesn’t care and/or just simply lazy? (Welcome to the internet.) This rule had long been followed but it’s so ancient that it’s becoming null most of the time. *cough, 2chan/4chan*

Huh?! What the hell are you getting at? And what now?

Haven’t you encountered the experience of seeing people use unknown eye-stunning fan art or quoting excellent articles, yet you don’t even know where it came from? Isn’t it annoying, you already know it’s not really official, but even with the author’s permit to that person, you’re not even completely sure if he/she really did get permission and you have no way of finding out where that person found that item. What’s even more annoying is the experience of seeing “source unknown,” or even worse, “author unknown,” inside random sites here and there.

Solution: If you do grab a picture, article, or whatever it is from another site: BOOKMARK IT! Please link the source and learn to properly credit in all situations! Even for just a mere forum banner or avatar/display picture! You don’t really need to get the author’s permission directly, just LEARN TO LINK AND CREDIT at the very least. Don’t give us crap and excuses like, “Sorry, I forgot where I got it!


Give A Link Back Protection

This is the new policy I have been meaning to recommend and a new banner I made for the movement. To put it: There isn’t much to ask, please just credit and link back if you want to use elsewhere.” A minimum surprise, isn’t it? Yes, because as mentioned, it is practiced by some but not really evident because there is no actual, declared practice about the motion. My primary purpose is to instill this practice for good reasons.

Being one, it’s much more friendly for both sides and the gap between viewers and artists/authors themselves are much more closer to each other. If you like what you see, why not share it? Without the author, we would be seeing nothing. But without the viewers, chances of the author’s success is almost incredibly minimal. And no matter what anyone would say, anyone would always appreciate their expression and hard work being seen and complimented.


  • Friendlier approach for the viewers, which is ideal for a public site
  • Gives more freedom for both sides instead of a jailed “permission first” restrict, which is sadly actually rarely followed
  • Even as OFP wanted to goal, still inspires creativity, in terms of the openly-shared works displayed to develop minds upon study
  • Gives more reputation and publication for the author’s site and works
  • Instills and inspires people values, such as to credit other people’s work
  • Faster sharing and enjoyment that can lead to good bonding between friends and relatives


  • Author does not know who is linking
  • Author does not know where it is linked

But these CONS can be easily overcome by motivating the viewers to give feedback to the author via their contact e-mail or guestbook/message board. There’s still no stopping the communication between author and viewer.

Please support the policy if you find the idea much more open and fulfilling, use the banner or link back to my entry– spread the word. Thank you!


  • How does it work? Just grab the blue GLB banner (save and upload to your own server) and use it to link to this entry for your audience to read. Again, the URL is:
  • Follow it yourself. If you run an artist site or you have fan fiction lying around there, stick it in and inspire your viewers to link and credit your work.
  • Discuss and share. If you enjoyed the idea, express it in your own creative ways. Help rid of theft and plagiarism.
  • Let yourself be heard. If you have an idea to suggest, then please do post to the linked original entry to let me know of your suggestions and additions.
  • If you have any other ways, then please follow to your hearts content! Be imaginative!

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